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Hoi An was my favorite destination in Vietnam. I loved spending time by the river, watching the sunset, strolling through the old town, and drinking inexpensive beer. The town is packed with picturesque historical homes, pagodas and street-side cafes. It’s extremely popular for buying hand-made clothing. You can get anything made here – from custom-made suits to gowns to sundresses to leather boots to sneakers. But even if you don’t want to shop, Hoi An makes for a relaxing destination, in an otherwise frenetic country. After all, a day at the beach is only a 15-minute bike-ride out of town. This was also my favorite place to gorge on Vietnamese food (don’t miss trying the cau lao that Hoi An is known for!).

Hostel prices – There are a few cheap hostels in town for about 160,000 VND a night. But typically, you should budget to pay 200,000-300,000 VND per bed. Private rooms start at about 360,000 VND for two people. Lots of hostels offer free WiFi, breakfast, and will have bicycles for you to rent and explore the town with. If you choose to stay a bit away from the town center, I recommend staying at a unique bamboo-hut-hostel at An Bang beach called Under the Coconut Tree Guesthouse for just 175,000 VND per night.

Budget hotel prices – Accommodation is inexpensive here with a night in a budget hotel costing from 270,000 VND for a double room. Quite a few places have pools, so if that’s something you want, make sure you pick one of them.  My suggestions is to splurge here and get a hotel room (if that’s what you want).  The prices of hotel rooms are low and the hotels are pretty quaint, local, and uniquely charming.

Average cost of food – Street food starts at 15,000 VND per meal. Meals in restaurants start at about 30,000 VND and go upward from there.  Wine is expensive so I would skip it (especially in restaurants) and beers only run you about 12-15,000 VND a piece.  You must try at least one Vietnamese coffee, which will cost you about 20-30,000 VND.  If you prefer cooking, basic groceries for the week would cost about 600,000 VND. Note: If you’re at the beach, restaurant owners will offer you a chair to sit on if you order food or drinks from them.  You can relax in the sun while you wait for your pho, fruit platter, bahn cuon, or fresh coconut to arrive.

Transportation costs – Everywhere in central Hoi An is within walking distance so it’s unlikely you’ll spend much on transportation here.  If you choose to explore, rent a bicycles for about 30,000 VND or a motorbike for 80,000 VND per day, the town isn’t very traffic so it’s a good place to ride around. The taxis are metered (and cheap), so hop in one if your tired. A taxi from Da Nang’s Airport to the center of Hoi An can usually be booked for 250,000 VND.

Suggested daily budget – 680,000-900,000 VND / $30-40 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating all the delicious street food, and using local transportation. If you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)



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